HMRC Disputes

status for tax purposes

Employed or self-employed?

Arguing tax status is a specialist area and can significantly affect the amount of tax an individual or a company pays. We are very experienced at identifying the correct tax status and early advice and representation is essential.


HMRC penalties for late and incorrect returns.

HMRC sometimes impose penalties unfairly and appealing against such penalties is a specialist area. Sometimes HMRC refuse to accept a (reasonable excuse and also refuse to suspend penalties when they should be doing so. We can help in all these situations.

Tax Tribunals

If you have a disagreement with HMRC you have a legal right to take any appeal to Tribunal.

DGT Consultants are very experienced negotiators and aim to avoid the need for cases to proceed to Tribunal. In the very rare case where we consider HMRC are being unreasonable in their proposals we do not hesitate to suggest taking any appeal forward and this usually results in a negotiated settlement.

If HMRC persist in their unreasonalble behaviour the matter proceeds to Tribunal. We have never lost a case!